Tougher Times Ahead for the Disabled and Venerable Shoppers

The lockdown has been tough on all of us as we struggle to “flatten the curve” and try to control the Corona virus pandemic. But more so twice as tough for our venerable, elderly, as well as disabled population. And we are still not even halfway through.

With supermarkets still seeing shelves cleared out faster and people constantly stockpiling basic and essentials needs, supermarkets saw the need to implement special measures to ensure that our elderly, venerable as well as our disabled have access. Here are a few of them.

Tesco has implemented several changes to ensure that their stores are packed, and everyone has access to essentials

  • Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9 am to 10 am to are dedicated to the elderlies, venerable and disabled shoppers
  • Self- isolating option available for deliveries where they leave orders at their doorsteps.
  • Three item limit per item per customer still imposed
  • Social distancing sill implemented when shopping

Sainsbury’s – Same as other supermarkets they have also implemented the following guidelines.

  • 8 am to 9 am every Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays are dedicated to our venerable, elderly and disabled as well as their carers
  • Online delivery priority slots given to those that are over 70 years of age or have disability
  • Maximum of 3 items for any grocery products

Asda & Morrisons has implemented self-isolating options for the venerable, disabled as well as the elderly

Iceland store has dedicated the first 2 hours every Wednesdays for the elderly, disabled and venerable. Check out their store locations for their opening hours.

Co-op similarly dedicated the first hour upon opening to those that are venerable and disabled. Opening times can vary from shop to shop.

The pandemic has truly tested our resolves in more ways than anyone can imagine. The challenges we are facing are still nowhere near the end. 

Here at Access Rating we encourage stores and other supermarkets to set aside special hours to make accessibility for your stores more accessible to the venerable and those that are disabled.

Cost of Running a Business Photography


Whether you freelance or runs a small business in photography, it’s important to know how to manage your overall finance. Managing your fund is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a freelance job and running a business. As a photographer, there will be many costs involve and it’s critical to know what your outgoings are to manage your finance better.

studio photography


As a freelancer, you may think of setting up your studio at home. It is an excellent option for a freelancer as you won’t have to spend anything on rental fees. However, if you’re a business owner, you may want to look more corporate and professional to your customers and hiring a studio may be more beneficial for this reason.

Editing software

Most photographers will have to invest in editing software as this is a fundamental part of photography which is being able to edit images and make them look better and professional. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are currently the best photo editing software in the market. The software is reasonably affordable as it can be paid at a lower price every month.


Whether you run a business or freelance, having a website is crucial. A site can help you showcase your portfolio and services to potential clients locally or worldwide. There are now many website services where you can quickly build your website without hiring a web developer. It’s especially useful for a freelancer who wants to keep their cost as low as possible. However, for business owners who may not have the time and knowledge to build a site, they can invest in a web developer who can create the website for them.


You may decide to either hire a printing service or buy your printing device. When hiring a printing service, you want to look for a company whose reliable and can print your images in high quality and deliver in time. If you decide to purchase your printing device, then you may have to spend extra cost on accessories such as ink and paper.

The Stages of Building a Business

start up business

Building a business comes with different stages, and it’s important to be aware of each step and find ways to tackle all kinds of challenges the company will soon face. By knowing each stage, you’ll have a chance to come up with ideas on how to work through each stage.


The startup consists of coming up with ideas and creating a detailed business plan. It’s also the earliest stage which means there are many obstacles to work through to become an established business and generate a stable income to cover any startup cost. The startup will determine whether a business can start off the ground or whether failing. Even if the company succeeds in the beginning or fail, they must be able to find ways to survive through it.


For businesses who have managed to start off the ground, it’s time to keep going by maintaining the momentum but at the same time come up with ideas to scale up the business. Scaling up the business will help bring more income and profit and help the company grow even further. It could be selling a different model of your product or coming up with new packages for the service.

Become competitive

Once you’re established, you’ll find that many other businesses are competing in the same market. So it’s essential to become more competitive to keep up your game. Each market has their niche, so ensure that you come up with different ways on how you can stand out to bring more customers to your business. It’s important to ask yourself a variety of questions like how can I improve my product or how could I make my pricing more competitive? Can I offer something new in the market? These questions will help you find ideas to differentiate yourself from the market.

Essential Tips for Building a Successful Business


There’s no easy road to reaching success in business. However, there are a few necessary skills that you must have to work your way up. Many people assume that it’s going to be easy to make money when they first start but it’s actually difficult and challenging. But if you’re serious about making money and being successful, you should take the following steps to help you have a good start in business.


All successful people always have a plan of action on how they are going to achieve success. Ensure you create a project that’s detailed but also flexible as plans can change and modified along the way. Start with your mission and what you plan to accomplish. Next step is to write down milestones and tasks to execute the goal and then finally schedule and set due date to complete the tasks.


Once you have a plan, it’s important to always be on top of things by being organised. This way you won’t lose track of your goals and schedules. The best tip to get organised is to follow through a to-do list every day and ensure those lists are completed each day.


Reaching your goal requires focusing on the tasks every day. It’s easy for many people to get distracted by other things to find something to help you focus. It could be reminding yourself why you want to be successful and the many other good things that you can benefit from once you’ve achieved your business goal.


Consistency is what will help you create good habits that will help you achieve your goal. By being consistent, you will develop a habit of doing what is necessary to accomplish your tasks no matter what. It also builds discipline, and it’s one of the primary keys to building a successful business in the future.

Team Building for Business

business team

Team building is indispensable for ensuring that the processes of an enterprise go along as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As mentioned, human resources are a company’s most valuable resources. Each of your employees is as much a member of a team as he or she is an individual worker. Therefore it is essential that they work together in order to achieve success and help business growth. There are many exercises, day trips and corporate events that employees can attend to learn how to work together properly and understand their roles. These corporate team building events provide training, motivation, and help encourage leadership among employees. Some companies incorporate themes to their event, while some even fly their employees in other parts of the country for outdoor adventures. Choose activities that are inclusive and foster teamwork. Susan M. Heathfield, a guide for, has formulated the twelve C’s of building a successful workforce:

  • 1. CLEAR expectations — For what purpose was the team created? What are its top priorities?
  • 2. CONTEXT — Is there a clear understanding of why everyone is on the team?
  • 3. COMMITMENT — Do employees want to be there? Do they consider their mission important?
  • 4. COMPETENCE — Do the members represent every step in the process?
  • 5. CHARTER — Are goals clearly defined and communicated?
  • 6. CONTROL — Do people feel they have enough of it to be able to get things done?
  • 7. COLLABORATION — Are group processes well understood by everybody?
  • 8. COMMUNICATION — Has a method been established whereby members can give feedback?
  • 9. CREATIVE thinking — How much does the employees value thinking “outside the box?”
  • 10. CONSEQUENCES — Is there a sense of responsibility for the achievements?
  • 11. COORDINATION — Is there a central leader to coordinate group activity?
  • 12. CULTURAL change — Is the entity changing the ways people are motivated and rewarded?


Turn An Idea Into A Business

business ideas

Everything that is big and imposing starts out by being small and inconspicuous. This is true whether we talk about living things or about artificial entities such as businesses. The richest and most prosperous people and things all had poor and humble beginnings — McDonald’s began as a small restaurant in San Bernardino, California, run by the two brothers of that name before it was purchased and subsequently expanded by Ray Kroc. Here we will cover the various aspects of business growth, from company formation and expansion to team building.

Every human venture begins with an idea. That idea could be a product — a physical thing that people use — or it could be a service, something that people do to help others. But whatever the idea is, the important task that faces you once you have it is translating it into a way of bringing home money to buy bread and other essentials to support yourself and your family. That process may be divided into three basic steps, as set forth in the following sections.

Figure Out What Problem You Hope To Solve

The number one purpose of any company, whether it is a multi-million-pound corporation or a modest corner shop in a small town, is to solve a problem of some sort. Your task is to figure out what this is for your economic venture. Take Amazon, for instance — one of the biggest and best-known names in Internet business today. Its founder, entrepreneurs and present chairman Jeff Bezos, observed how inconvenient and costly e-commerce was at the time and thought that there must surely be a much cheaper way in which it could be conducted. Today, Amazon dwarfs not only other online businesses but also many of its “brick and mortar” competitors. You will likewise be aiming to make some aspect of the lives of your customers easier by means of your products or services.

Identify Your Market

By “your market” we mean the people who are most likely to buy your products or use your services. That group could be characterised by:

  • age range
  • sex
  • geography
  • income level

The people in each group within these categories have different needs, different preferences, different goals that they would like to fulfil. You will have to do a great deal of research here, studying the demographics that you are targeting — what they are interested in, what their goals are and so forth. In order for people to know what you have to offer them, it has to be directly in front of them.

Where and What Will Your Support Be?

Very few businesses have been founded by a lone individual. Your choice of a partner in the early stages of your career will have a tremendous impact on the direction that your enterprise will take further down the road. He or she can listen to your ideas, tell you if they are good ones and suggest better alternatives. That person can also serve as a witness to how great your ideas really are. Your experience with your partner can also be of high value in helping you to build and work with a team later on. Creating a business is a long process and can be quite difficult to get your head around. You will always be able to receive support from business firms like Hanover Company Services that provide online company registration in the UK. A simple way starts up and registers the business, as well as being able to ask questions freely and receive only the best and professional advice.

Set Up Two Financial Models and Plan for Phase One.

One of these models should be “bottom up,” showing how things are created and sold to buyers. The other should be “top down,” examining the size of the market and how goals are to be reached. Phase one involves getting ideas out and making sure everyone knows what he should.

  • Where will your capital come from?
  • Build your minimum viable product.
  • Find your pivot – This means you take note of what has worked in the past and what has failed.
  • Remain positive – A healthy attitude is what, more than anything else, will help you to succeed.

The number one objective of any economic entity is to maintain the bottom line. And that can be done in only one way: by pleasing the customers. Innovation is valued greatly in economics as in every human endeavour. As the saying goes, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your doorstep.”

Increase Business Growth

business growth

Successful business growth and all of the point made below are valuable for an important reason: They enable you to retain the most talented members of your team, who are after all the sine qua non of any economic venture. If you do not have them, then no matter what skills you have, or what capital or other resources you have, you will never get very far beyond the initial stage of company formation.

As can be witnessed by past events, a company can expand internationally — and in doing so, it can even modify itself to suit local tastes and customs. There is a McDonald’s in Stratford-upon-Avon, for instance, housed in an old-style building that evokes a feeling of the seventeenth century.

Business growth can be achieved by adhering to the following principles:

  • Do everything you can to inspire those who work for you. Inspirational leadership begins first of all with an inspirational vision.
  • Avoid sticking to the “status quo.” Encourage people to take reasonable risks.
  • Help people at all levels to develop their skills.
  • Show your team me that you not only respect but value, their differences.
  • Provide various resources for different types of team members. For example, give options for freelancers or contractors such as trusted PAYE umbrella payroll companies or accountants that will lighten the load for them and help them focus more on their tasks. Not only does this help them, it also enhances their performance and thus the project as a whole.
  • Set goals that relate to innovation. This includes continually looking for new services to provide and increase the speed at which services are provided and products brought to the market. Be sure that you have some means of measuring the success rate of these innovations.
  • Have the resources at your disposal with which you can put your ideas into action. If necessary, you might consider hiring temporary staff members.

The importance of mobile marketing

Image from

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly growing each year. A fact shows that by 2014, 83.1 million mobile handsets and connections were found in the UK. With 57% being a mobile user and the rest were tablet owners. Imagine how much more mobile owner we have now by 2016 and the fact that 83.1 million only covers the UK shows how popular these devices are today. You can see why this is great for marketing as it reaches millions of audiences all around the world.

Of course, the number of the audience isn’t the only factors that play an important part. Other factors involves Google making a statement for the importance of mobile optimisation. In 2015, they rtroduced the ‘mobilegeddon’. The development uses the visibility in search queries on mobile and helps it to appear on the web optimisation as well.

We’ve collected other related articles that shows many more reasons on why mobile marketing is becoming highly important.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has completely altered the consumer landscape in just a few years by becoming the main tool used to read the news, communicate, socialise, navigate and make purchases. The intimate relationship that mobile can provide between a consumer and their supplier can be a double edged sword though. It is a medium that can grant instant access and reward to a customer base while also allowing for mistakes that could greatly cost a business.

The increases in engagement between consumers and their phones provides business with a platform in which there are many rooms for mistakes in an industry where there is room for none. Here are four mobile marketing mistakes that your business might already be making:

Marketers have to recognise that providing a mobile version of their site to an audience is a totally different ballgame. It should be embraced by business as an opportunity for the insight it could provide. When users interact on the small screen, they focus in on what they think is most important. What do most businesses fail to recognise about this phenomena? By cutting out excess content and functionalities, businesses can discover what it is that draws their audience to their site’s desktop version. Create a quality mobile experience for your customers by ensuring that your mobile website has a simple navigation structure, quick page load time, and content that is brief and to the point.

As consumer apathy towards apps increases, businesses will continue to struggle in their effort of break into the shrine of apps that are indebted to user routine. That’s not to say that marketers should abandon the idea of creating an app completely, but they will have to think more creatively as to how they intend on engaging their consumers on mobile. At the top of any business’s mobile marketing list of priorities should be enhancing the mobile web experience by publishing an app that isn’t purely web-based. If you decide to make an app it should be able to work in a world filled with spotty internet connections and extreme time crunches. Make it easy, make it accessible, make it worth the download. read more at

Mobile Application Development for Business

Investing in a mobile app development today, is a smart move for one’s business and it’ll delight to customers. Mobile phones have become a part of human life on the earth and the community of your customers cannot be an exception. Its proliferation in short span of time, it’s still continuing, is a great phenomenon. Mobile phones apps have influenced many sectors like news and business. Small businesses just cannot ignore that small device in its customer’s pockets, lest they put their future growth at risk. It’s worth putting resources together to find a best mobile app development company, which brings your idea to reality.

App will help you to know how customers are using your products and services and their likes and dislikes about them. With a well-designed app, you can gather information on your customer’s profession, location, spending limits, and much more. You can use this when tailoring communications and potential offers to them. App is a great tool to monitor and analyse customer behaviour. Via


Mobile Marketing – H2O Marketing Agency – YouTube



How To Make Better Use Of Digital Marketing Channels

There may be an array of digital marketing channels that you’ve been advised to use, but does that mean you have to use them all to help promote your business?

The answer is not necessarily, but in many cases you will be better off using a combination of several channels. Different techniques, tactics and tools can help you get more value out of the channels you already use, as well as the ones you’re yet to try out.

Search engine optimisation

Of course, getting more organic traffic will require some on-page and off-page optimisation for Google and other search engines. Boosting your SEO rankings can be a time consuming process, so it might be a good idea to take advantage of third party services which can help you optimise your website and get results quicker. In fact, SEO Rankings is an aptly-named service catering to users who want access to convenient tools and assistance all from one simple dashboard.

Social media channels

Making use of social networks as a marketing platform for your business can really pay off, but there are many considerations to be aware of if you want to make it work. Each different network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and so on) requires a unique approach and puts you in contact with different members of your potential audience.

Paid online advertising

It’s surprisingly easy to get into paid advertising, if you haven’t tried it already. You can use it to get more attention on both of the channels we’ve already mentioned (ads that appear on social media channels and search engine results pages). Google AdWords is a popular solution which can easily generate ads and track progress across Google’s own search pages as well as a broad network of other websites.

Email marketing

Some people consider email to be a thing of the past, but despite being around for longer than some other channels, it’s actually still extremely relevant and effective, especially in particular niches. People who have already expressed an interest in your products or your business by subscribing to a mailing list are generally much more receptive to marketing messages than a random audience, so success rates for email campaigns may be surprisingly high if you can pitch the content appropriately.

Website content marketing

Your own website should be one of the core channels you use to communicate with your relevant audience. Whether you use a blog to keep fresh content streaming onto your website on a regular basis, or constantly add new content through other means, sharing this content through other channels is a fantastic way to build up more traffic. The key here is to create and share content that really has some value for the people you want to engage with, in order to differentiate your brand’s voice from all the others out there.

Online security tips for web browsing and shopping

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Securing your desktop is highly important when browsing the web online. Now that our technology has been advancing ever than before this means anything is possible. So it’s important to be aware and cautious when browsing online as there are many ways that a person can easily take your information including your important details such as your passwords, emails, bank accounts, chat conversations or even your personal data as well.

Even visiting a popular social media like Facebook or Twitter, there’s still a possibility that someone can hack your account depending on how secured your operating system is. Luckily there also many ways you can secure your information online. Some involve buying software or simply being aware of any suspicious websites.

To help you browse safely online, we have collected the following articles that include tips and how to increase your security and protect your information.

Stay safe online this Christmas with these top security tips

But this growth in new products has also led to an increase in security threats, as scammers and hackers alike look to target smart items that may not yet be secured. Much of what you can do to stay safe is remarkably simple, Ducklin notes. Sometimes you’ll try to buy that special item, but your credit card won’t go through – so the seller may ask you to email through your card details to try again later.”But that email could end up in the hands of cybercrooks, even if the seller handles it with care once they’ve received it,” he warns. “Remember: if in doubt, don’t give it out!” Read more…

As several major recent hacks have proved, using the same password across multiple sites can be hugely damaging – as anyone getting their hands on one account will immediately try it on all your other accounts. Via

Top 4 Free Tips to Improve Online Security

Never be mistaken in thinking that a virus or other type of malware will not affect your machine. It is exactly this type of lackluster attitude that allows criminals to infect thousands of devices without much effort, even in 2016.  It is particularly vital to install anti-malware tools, given the recent increase in malware infections across all types of devices. Read more…

On the antivirus front, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some tools are better than others, and choices should be made by the end user themselves. Do not skimp on paying a little extra for a product you like, though. Protecting a computer or other Internet-connected device should be a top priority right now. Via

10 Tips to Stay Safe Online – YouTube (Via