E-commerce and Same-Day Delivery Services

With e-commerce booming, continuing a trend that has now been established long enough for the biggest players to really master the home delivery business model, competition is higher than ever. Getting their goods out there in time to compete with the likes of Amazon and the big retailers can be a major stumbling block for companies across the country, even if all the other pieces are in place. Opting for cheap man and van hire in London for next day or same day courier services may be a suitable answer for many companies, since the UK’s capital is big enough to support healthy competition while not requiring businesses to search too far afield for enough customers to keep them afloat. In fact, in many ways the smaller e-commerce ventures actually have an advantage when it comes to same day delivery.

Logistics can often be forgotten in the race to build the most impressive online presence, but of course this is a vital aspect of running any online sales business whether you’re delivering food, goods or pretty much anything. Many brands focus too much on image and differentiating themselves, and it all sounds wonderful in theory. Unfortunately, failure to deliver results both literally and figuratively can spell the end for many start-ups. In fact, same day delivery services in particular have been a tough one to crack even for large corporations, so how can small ventures in a city like London do a better job with local same-day courier services?

For one thing, many companies both large and small have failed because the margins are simply not there on the products they’re trying to sell and deliver on the same day. You need to crack that before you stand a chance of success, and part of this problem inevitably involves scale. Having a reliable business model that works becomes crucial here, because it allows you to hook customers into a subscription program. This means you’re able to cover your costs by charging people in advance for the luxury of same-day deliveries, and the customer is more likely to buy more items from you to make the most of their investment. Building trust can unlock this hidden potential.

On the face of it, small businesses aren’t going to benefit from the advantage of making hundreds of deliveries in a single round trip. However, there are ways to cut overheads – for example, running a business that picks up and delivers items without the need to store them in a warehouse in between. If your business is basically the front for a local cheap man and van hire service you’re employing, but you’re handling the customer’s needs and catering to them, there’s an opportunity there for big profits, especially if you can establish the trust we mentioned.

At the moment there’s a particular focus among the bigger delivery companies on same-day deliveries because it’s something that hasn’t worked fantastically for anyone yet, big or small. It will be interesting to see over the next couple of years who really manages to crack this market and master the art of turning e-commerce into a truly convenient consumer solution.