The importance of mobile marketing

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Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly growing each year. A fact shows that by 2014, 83.1 million mobile handsets and connections were found in the UK. With 57% being a mobile user and the rest were tablet owners. Imagine how much more mobile owner we have now by 2016 and the fact that 83.1 million only covers the UK shows how popular these devices are today. You can see why this is great for marketing as it reaches millions of audiences all around the world.

Of course, the number of the audience isn’t the only factors that play an important part. Other factors involves Google making a statement for the importance of mobile optimisation. In 2015, they rtroduced the ‘mobilegeddon’. The development uses the visibility in search queries on mobile and helps it to appear on the web optimisation as well.

We’ve collected other related articles that shows many more reasons on why mobile marketing is becoming highly important.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile has completely altered the consumer landscape in just a few years by becoming the main tool used to read the news, communicate, socialise, navigate and make purchases. The intimate relationship that mobile can provide between a consumer and their supplier can be a double edged sword though. It is a medium that can grant instant access and reward to a customer base while also allowing for mistakes that could greatly cost a business.

The increases in engagement between consumers and their phones provides business with a platform in which there are many rooms for mistakes in an industry where there is room for none. Here are four mobile marketing mistakes that your business might already be making:

Marketers have to recognise that providing a mobile version of their site to an audience is a totally different ballgame. It should be embraced by business as an opportunity for the insight it could provide. When users interact on the small screen, they focus in on what they think is most important. What do most businesses fail to recognise about this phenomena? By cutting out excess content and functionalities, businesses can discover what it is that draws their audience to their site’s desktop version. Create a quality mobile experience for your customers by ensuring that your mobile website has a simple navigation structure, quick page load time, and content that is brief and to the point.

As consumer apathy towards apps increases, businesses will continue to struggle in their effort of break into the shrine of apps that are indebted to user routine. That’s not to say that marketers should abandon the idea of creating an app completely, but they will have to think more creatively as to how they intend on engaging their consumers on mobile. At the top of any business’s mobile marketing list of priorities should be enhancing the mobile web experience by publishing an app that isn’t purely web-based. If you decide to make an app it should be able to work in a world filled with spotty internet connections and extreme time crunches. Make it easy, make it accessible, make it worth the download. read more at

Mobile Application Development for Business

Investing in a mobile app development today, is a smart move for one’s business and it’ll delight to customers. Mobile phones have become a part of human life on the earth and the community of your customers cannot be an exception. Its proliferation in short span of time, it’s still continuing, is a great phenomenon. Mobile phones apps have influenced many sectors like news and business. Small businesses just cannot ignore that small device in its customer’s pockets, lest they put their future growth at risk. It’s worth putting resources together to find a best mobile app development company, which brings your idea to reality.

App will help you to know how customers are using your products and services and their likes and dislikes about them. With a well-designed app, you can gather information on your customer’s profession, location, spending limits, and much more. You can use this when tailoring communications and potential offers to them. App is a great tool to monitor and analyse customer behaviour. Via


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