Online security tips for web browsing and shopping

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Securing your desktop is highly important when browsing the web online. Now that our technology has been advancing ever than before this means anything is possible. So it’s important to be aware and cautious when browsing online as there are many ways that a person can easily take your information including your important details such as your passwords, emails, bank accounts, chat conversations or even your personal data as well.

Even visiting a popular social media like Facebook or Twitter, there’s still a possibility that someone can hack your account depending on how secured your operating system is. Luckily there also many ways you can secure your information online. Some involve buying software or simply being aware of any suspicious websites.

To help you browse safely online, we have collected the following articles that include tips and how to increase your security and protect your information.

Stay safe online this Christmas with these top security tips

But this growth in new products has also led to an increase in security threats, as scammers and hackers alike look to target smart items that may not yet be secured. Much of what you can do to stay safe is remarkably simple, Ducklin notes. Sometimes you’ll try to buy that special item, but your credit card won’t go through – so the seller may ask you to email through your card details to try again later.”But that email could end up in the hands of cybercrooks, even if the seller handles it with care once they’ve received it,” he warns. “Remember: if in doubt, don’t give it out!” Read more…

As several major recent hacks have proved, using the same password across multiple sites can be hugely damaging – as anyone getting their hands on one account will immediately try it on all your other accounts. Via

Top 4 Free Tips to Improve Online Security

Never be mistaken in thinking that a virus or other type of malware will not affect your machine. It is exactly this type of lackluster attitude that allows criminals to infect thousands of devices without much effort, even in 2016.  It is particularly vital to install anti-malware tools, given the recent increase in malware infections across all types of devices. Read more…

On the antivirus front, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some tools are better than others, and choices should be made by the end user themselves. Do not skimp on paying a little extra for a product you like, though. Protecting a computer or other Internet-connected device should be a top priority right now. Via

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