Use of Behavioural Targeting Software to Enhance Online Conversions

When you are operating an online business, you must ensure that you apply the right strategies in order to increase your rate of online conversions. One of the ways that you can do this is by behavioural targeting using software. This is a process that consists of a wide range of techniques and technologies that is used by online site publisher to enhance effectiveness of advertising by use of online browsing behaviour information. Specifically, behaviour targeting makes use of information that is gathered from a person’s internet browsing behaviour to choose adverts to display.

When a user visits your website, the page they browse, the time they spend viewing the page, the links they click, searches they perform and all the components they interact with allow you to gather data that help in creation of a profile linking to the web browser of your visitor. As a result of this, website publishers have the ability to apply this data to create defined audience segments according to visitors with the same profiles. When your visitors come back to a certain website or a number of websites using similar web browser, the profiles can be utilized to give advertisers the opportunity to position their online advertisements in front of the visitors with high level interest and have good intention for the products and services you are offering. This works based on the theory that those ads that are targeted properly attract more customer interests and the publisher can charge a premium price for the ads compared to other random adverts.

It is possible to use behavioural marketing alone or together with other types of targeting according to factors such as demographics, geography and contextual site page content. It is good to note that a lot of practitioners also call this audience targeting.

Behavioural targeting strategies might be applied to all online properties on the premise. It leads to improved user experience or it offers several benefits to the online property. This happens through enhanced conversion rates or improved level of spending. Those who began to use this technology long time ago include editorial websites like hotwired, online adverts with leading online advert servers, ecommerce websites as a way of increasing product relevance on visitor to visitor basis. The behavioural data can also be used together with demographic information and the purchase history of a certain visitor. This helps produce a higher degree of data points that can be applied for targeting.

Self-online behavioural targeting is another process that monitors the response of visitors to website content and learn what can lead to high conversion rates. This process requires high amount of traffic before reaching statistical confidence levels. This is in regard to a certain offer leading to conversion from a user with a set behavioural profile.

There is also network behavioural targeting used mostly by advertising networks. This is because they make use of several adverts across wide range of different websites. By doing this, they have the ability to develop a picture of the probable demographic makeup of web users.