Why Mobile-Responsive Sites Rank Higher in Mobile Search Results

Staying on top of major search engines should be one of the main goal of every website owner. This is important if you want to ensure that your website gets a high level visibility online. The necessity of having a completely responsive website, which can be viewed across all devices including the smartphones, has increased recently. Google search algorithms are being adjusted continuously so that they can respond as best as possible to the requirement of searchers. The recent changes that were announced by Google relate to the mobile search results.

Importance of a mobile friendly website

Google announced that its mobile algorithms will not only be making assessment as to whether or not your website is mobile friendly or not. It will be actively be using the assessments to decide as to whether your website should appear on top of the search results or not. These changes are aimed at creating a great impact on all mobile search results on a global scale. In addition to the changes made by Google, mobile applications that make use of App indexing for their signed in users get better results when it comes to mobile searches.

The use of mobile devices to access the internet has gone up in the last few years. A website that is not mobile friendly will be hard to view requiring you to pinch or zoom in order to read the site content which can be a bit frustrating. If users get frustrated when visiting your site, you can be assured that they will not come back to it again. A mobile friendly version is immediately usable and readable which makes it even rank higher on search engines.

Google focus

When it comes to their algorithms, Google focuses more on providing the user with the most relevant search results as possible. Given the fact that many people use their mobile devices to do online search, the new changes made to Google algorithms make a lot of sense, showing continuous desire to offer users the best search engine experience.

Having a responsive website should be a priority for every business. In case your website is not currently performing on mobile devices such as smart devices and tablets, you might get penalised as a result of this. The advice should be to make the right changes to your business website as fast as possible, to ensure that you are positioned well in Google search results.

Action to take

The first thing you need to do is to test your website for its mobile friendliness. You can carry out a Google friendly test to determine the level of responsiveness of your site. The results you get will give you an opportunity to know if there is something that you need to be concerned about and make the right changes where necessary. You should also view your website on a mobile device, check speed, ease of navigation and the general appearance on the screen because these factors will highly determine your overall ranking. In case you suspect that your website is not mobile friendly it is good to take quick action, so that you can ensure that you can do the necessary changes on your website. Just as Google announced, you should expect your website to rank better if it is mobile friendly.