Team Building for Business

business team

Team building is indispensable for ensuring that the processes of an enterprise go along as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As mentioned, human resources are a company’s most valuable resources. Each of your employees is as much a member of a team as he or she is an individual worker. Therefore it is essential that they work together in order to achieve success and help business growth. There are many exercises, day trips and corporate events that employees can attend to learn how to work together properly and understand their roles. These corporate team building events provide training, motivation, and help encourage leadership among employees. Some companies incorporate themes to their event, while some even fly their employees in other parts of the country for outdoor adventures. Choose activities that are inclusive and foster teamwork. Susan M. Heathfield, a guide for, has formulated the twelve C’s of building a successful workforce:

  • 1. CLEAR expectations — For what purpose was the team created? What are its top priorities?
  • 2. CONTEXT — Is there a clear understanding of why everyone is on the team?
  • 3. COMMITMENT — Do employees want to be there? Do they consider their mission important?
  • 4. COMPETENCE — Do the members represent every step in the process?
  • 5. CHARTER — Are goals clearly defined and communicated?
  • 6. CONTROL — Do people feel they have enough of it to be able to get things done?
  • 7. COLLABORATION — Are group processes well understood by everybody?
  • 8. COMMUNICATION — Has a method been established whereby members can give feedback?
  • 9. CREATIVE thinking — How much does the employees value thinking “outside the box?”
  • 10. CONSEQUENCES — Is there a sense of responsibility for the achievements?
  • 11. COORDINATION — Is there a central leader to coordinate group activity?
  • 12. CULTURAL change — Is the entity changing the ways people are motivated and rewarded?